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Room Ring roommate finder partners with Next Step Realty

Say goodbye to regretful Craigslist decisions
  • Next Step Realty partnered with TRR to provide seamless apartment hunting.
  • The Room Ring (TRR) connects renters looking for roommates through Facebook authentication.
  • Once roommates are matched through personal connections or a mutual interest on a room, they begin the process of finding a broker or contacting the landlord.

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The Room Ring (TRR) sounds less like a roommate-matching app and more like a term hotel front-desks use to wake people up with a phone call. Alas, it is the former -- but it is a wake-up call for young people searching for likeminded roommates in New York and San Francisco. The Room Ring founders Josie Hubschman and Lia Wayman. Based out of New York, TRR has recently partnered with Next Step Realty, a boutique brokerage with offices in the West Village, East Village, Upper East Side and Midtown. "I think that you know finding roommates in New York City is very difficult," said Blair Brandt, CEO of Next Step Realty. "It's a city of people that are essentially immigrants. Whether domestic or international, everyone is from somewhere else, and often you don't move here with people you know. We've seen that pain point with our clients consistently." TRR and Next Step have aligned themselves to streamline the entire rental process. If roommates find each other through ...