7 of the most frustrating real estate deal-breakers ever

Ridiculous, surprising and just plain dumb reasons why deals fell through
  • Clients don't always follow best practices when it comes to making big purchases before buying a home.
  • Pickiness can manifest in buyer qualms about things like ghosts and apple trees.
  • Sellers, negligent loan officers, romance, kids and the neighborhood atmosphere can also be reasons why deals go sour.

The tendency for humans to make dumb or unknowable decisions has torpedoed countless real estate transactions. But while some silly, frustrating or nefarious behavior can’t be helped, real estate agents who know how human fallibility tends to manifest in their business can head off many snafus. From down-payment-draining boob jobs to botched faxes, here’s a list of some deal-breakers that have probably caused their fair share of frustration.