How to use video to get listings and enthrall buyers

That smartphone in your pocket could be the key to selling your next home
  • Be authentic in your videos.
  • Social media is a great platform to share videos with potential clients.
  • You don't need to invest thousands of dollars in cameras and drones when you have a perfectly capable camera right on your phone.

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The most important piece of advice Amy Youngren, Ben Bacal and Peter Lorimer offered about real estate videos at Inman Connect San Francisco was to be authentic. There's a lot more that goes into videos, but authenticity is what resonates with clients. Youngren, Bacal and Lorimer all do different types of video. Youngren markets her properties and believes social media is the best way to reach potential clients. Bacal has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on aerial video and cinema quality production. Lorimer, although admitting he's only been in the video game for about one year, finds ways to make even the most boring topics (escrow, for example) interesting. But it all comes back to authenticity. Youngren runs a real estate team out of Toronto, Canada called Urban Lifestyle Group. The three-year-old firm just hired its sixth team member and will be closing it's 150th transaction very soon. Lorimer is the CEO/broker at PLG Estates based out of Beverly Hill...