What will digital transactions look like in the future?

Keith Krach, DocuSign CEO gives some tips about what will not be lost with further digital progress.

SAN FRANCISCO -- Consumers and agents want three things from DocuSign, according to Keith Krach, the company's chairman and CEO -- trust, choice and speed. He broke down consumer wants and needs (and agents' wants and needs, too) at a special session at Inman Connect San Francisco -- and announced a big initiative at DocuSign, the establishment of a real estate advisory board. How will transactions change? The consumer wants to trust in their agent; the agent, in turn, to trust in the platform. The consumer wants to transact on any device; for brokers and agents, they want to be able to use any title or mortgage company. Speed is a must for the consumer, used to being able to buy things at the push of a button, and for the agent who knows that "time kills deals," said Krach. Asked to imagine what DocuSign will be doing a year from now, "one thing that will not change is, it's all about trust and relationships," said Krach. "The core to the future is: The agent is at the...