4 tactics to increase your site engagement with video

How to capitalize on your marketing investments
  • Your video content isn’t doing anything for you if nobody watches it.
  • The longer you keep a consumer on your site, the greater chance you have to convert them into a lead.
  • The long-term SEO benefit of embedding evergreen videos into your site has the potential to drive free traffic to your website for years to come.

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Before all the effects of a video view occur -- the social shares, the traffic, the leads -- people actually have to watch the video. At WellcomeMat, we look at a ton of real estate videos all over the web. When we’re researching a potential partner’s video program to learn if we’re in a position to help them, we’ll head to YouTube to check out quality of the video they’re creating and frequency at which they’re uploading new videos. It always amazes me when we come across stunning, professionally-produced video on a company’s YouTube channel and each of its videos only have a handful of views. Beautifully shot, impeccably edited videos barely getting watched. And when I go to the brokerages’ site to see how they have video implemented throughout their sites, it’s nowhere to be found. Sometimes, there’s not even a YouTube logo among the company’s social media icons. Professionally produced video content is not cheap but the returns for those committing...