Does My Home Pro Network deliver what real estate agents need to win business?

Software aims to leverage service professional networks as prospecting and sales tools
  • The My Home Pro software looks sharp and functions well -- but conceptually falls flat.
  • The industry seems to be looking for new ways to differentiate itself in the eyes of consumers. Home service tools are the latest tactic.

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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. My Home Pro Network is a platform for real estate agents to drive leads and market using their network of home professionals. Platform(s): Browser-based, mobile-responsive Ideal for: All-size teams and offices, individual agents Top selling points Easy, manageble interface Direct link from agent website to Home Pro network Provided marketing content to push network Top concerns Nothing particularly new or innovative No direct upload of existing contact lists What you should know I'm not super psyched on this product. It looks quite nice and seems to function exactly as it should. But, I'm not totally sold on the premise that your network of home professionals is what will win you business. In the same market, many real estate agents use the same vendors. Home inspectors, mortgage brokers, roofers and other such tradesmen aren't bli...