Liked or loathed: Does agent reputation impact values?

A bad experience can impact future transactions
  • Does an agent's reputation impact the way you feel about a home?
  • Real estate transactions are influenced by the humans involved -- it can be tough to separate the two.
  • When we invest in peer-to-peer professional relationships, the client experience improves.

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How many times has this happened to you as a real estate agent? Your clients call (or text or email) and want to go see the new listing that just popped up in their feed. You open up the MLS, look up the listing -- and it is perfect for them -- so you go to set the appointment. You scroll down, notice the listing agent -- and you cringe. You know it is going to be unnecessarily difficult. Reputation matters Be honest, does the fact that the listing agent is known for being difficult, non-communicative, condescending, combative, lazy, egotistical, dishonest or inept (or equal parts of all of the above) change your behavior? Does it impact how you feel about the house? And most importantly, should it? Despite the fact that we wish our advice was completely unbiased and based solely on the location, design, sticks and bricks -- the fact remains that real estate transactions are highly influenced by the human beings involved. And often times, it is difficult to separate the two....