How to convert noncommittal clients and cure commission woes

  • If you can illustrate your value, 85 percent of sellers will list at full commission.
  • Your strategy should have Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and traditional marketing.
  • Take time to master scripts and strategies and couple them with predictive analytics tools.

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How do you handle the seller who calls, and the first question he asks is, “How much do you charge in commission?” Or how about the buyer who calls on your listing, and when you offer to show her other properties, she says, “We’ll just call the listing agent.” When you only have seconds to make the conversion, here’s what you do: Scenario 1: Convert 'How much do you charge in commission?' telephone leads A primary premise in my book "Waging War on Real Estate’s Discounters" is that 85 percent of the sellers will list at full commission -- if you can illustrate the value you bring to the transaction. Only 15 percent of the sellers select their agent based exclusively on the amount of the commission. Consequently, when you receive a phone call from a seller who asks, “How much do you charge in commission,” avoid falling into the trap of answering the question. The seller is expecting you to give a percentage, and if it’s too high, they plan on hanging u...