Adwerx announces digital advertising tools for lenders

The mortgage sphere can access consumer-focused marketing toolkit starting at $59 per month
  • Lenders now have an option to stay top-of-mind in arguably the most important and often neglected space: online.
  • New software allows mortgage and title pros to execute ad campaigns across web, mobile and Facebook, starting at $59 per month.
  • The tried-and-true agent campaign packages provide ad building and placement tools to promote listings and brands awareness.

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Adwerx, the digital marketing firm offering solutions for real estate agents, has provided simplified online ads since 2013. Noticing a need for e-leads in the mortgage sphere, the rapidly growing tech firm announced a fresh, dedicated product for lenders.

Lenders now can easily stay top-of-mind in arguably the most important and often neglected space: online.

“Broadening out to the lending side of the industry is an important step for us,” Adwerx CEO Jed Carlson told Inman in an email. “Not only can the ads target consumers who are ‘in market’ for mortgage or refi, but they can also be targeted specifically at local Real Estate agents to drive referral business for the lending pro.”

Durham-based Adwerx executes consistent ad campaigns across web, mobile and Facebook. Each ad links back to individual lender websites. Subscribers can view campaign reports in the product dashboard to see brand awareness and marketing efforts improve over time.

The software uses data to find and target local borrowers looking to refinance or obtain a new mortgage for just $59 per month. Mortgage pros have the option to advertise to real estate agents for $99 per month.

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An easy, cost-effective approach to online advertising

Traditionally, Adwerx takes the complication and cost out of digital advertising, providing ad building and placement tools to promote listings and brands on a local level.

After providing a listing address, the software spits out an advertisement with editing options for colors and logo placement. You pay for ads as you go, which are placed on websites where activity for home buying — and now lending inquiries — runs heavy.

Flexible packages allow agents to decide how long they want listings to run. The minimum period is one week for $49.

Last summer, the company announced mobile advertising options for agents. Mobile campaigns run on Facebook and other popular social apps, finding and targeting prospects based on ZIPs. Each ZIP is reserved for five agents at most, and runs for $99 per month.

Turns out, mortgage pros were already “hacking” the brand-boosting tech prior to the dedicated mortgage and title product launch. Adwerx listened by delivering the new product that handles both marketing and retargeting for lenders specifically.

Currently, 35,000 real estate consumers use Adwerx for their digital marketing needs.

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