How to market yourself like ‘Mad Men’

Don Draper's indiscretions aside, here's what we can learn from his advertising style
  • If you want to transform your business, you need to first transform your marketing.
  • Position yourself as an expert by offering something free -- a free home valuation, a free local real estate market report or even a free property history report.
  • Sharing the property’s history is a great way to build trust. Transparency builds trust.

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Sometimes the best advice comes from the most unexpected sources -- like your favorite TV shows. AMC’s hit series "Mad Men," which is set in the advertising world of the swinging '60s, has some of the most memorable quotes you’ll ever hear, and they’re surprisingly relevant to marketing today. Although it’s been a little over a year since the final episode aired, "Mad Men" has left a lasting impression not only on the women who swoon for Don Draper (brilliantly played by Jon Hamm) but also on sales and marketing professionals alike. After all, Draper, a superstar creative director, seems to have the secret sauce of business running through his veins. On a personal note, I just recently binge watched "Mad Men" and often find myself in the middle of a work day asking “What would Don Draper do?” And though I wouldn’t take relationship advice from Draper, (the guy’s a train wreck in the love department) the fictional Ad man and honorary marketing god, has plenty to s...