Do strip clubs actually hurt property values?

New research undermines view expressed by some real estate agents
  • A new study found that proximity to strip clubs doesn't put downward pressure on home prices, challenging a view expressed by some real estate agents.
  • The research undercuts legal arguments that municipalities have used to justify placing zoning restrictions on strip clubs.

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Nowhere in the idyllic world of the American Dream is the quintessential family's fully-furnished ranch style surrounded by a white picket fence and also listed as "conveniently located next to a strip club." But in real life, agents handling client objections to properties near "sexually-oriented businesses" might actually be in luck. A new study has concluded that strip clubs don’t put any downward pressure on home values. The conclusion undercuts legal doctrine that municipal governments have used to justify placing zoning restrictions on strip clubs and other sexually oriented businesses. Seattle: an ideal research opportunity The study conducted by three economists at West Virginia University and the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse analyzed more than 300,000 home sales in Seattle between 2000 and 2014. An 18-year moratorium on new strip clubs (starting in 1988, and lifted in 2006) presented a unique opportunity in the city to measure how these establishments' arriva...