‘I couldn’t find my boa constrictor’: Clients say the darndest things

How would you respond to these bizarre statements?
  • Buyers and sellers have blindsided agents with comments involving boa constrictors, spiritual cleansing and rebellious offspring, among other things.

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Gloria Commiso, a Hermosa Beach, California-based Realtor, was about to kick off an open house when she received an alarming call from the home's owner. "I couldn't find my boa constrictor," the client said. As far as Commiso was concerned, that was grounds for canceling the event. But after wrestling with what acting in her client's best interest meant in this situation, Commiso acquiesced to her client's wishes and moved forward with the open house. She locked the property's garage -- the last place the serpent had been spotted -- and posted signs that read: "Warning boa constrictor is missing."  "The seller came back home, found it and put it in his cage,” she said in the Facebook group Lead Gen Scripts and Objections. “Open house went on as normal...the new normal. We have to work around pets because they're family right?” Homebuyers and sellers say the darndest things to agents sometimes. Entertain and fortify yourself with a few more bizarre, frus...