How to sell to millennials (and everyone else, too)

Sales is an acutely personal business, and professionals must listen hard
  • Carry no preconceptions and build an understanding of the client's needs and wants.
  • Use a phone intake to determine region of origin, education level and control preference.
  • There's a difference between the cheapest deal and the best deal.

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A new industry is thriving by providing insights to salespeople of all kinds (but especially real estate): how and what to sell to millennials. The industry churns out piles of columns with great specificity on how unique this generation is in habits of living, communication, managing financial affairs and expectations, the long list of things and approaches which they ignore, how different are their jobs and work attitude, parenting, consumption and values in general. Sometimes I finish one of these advice pieces surprised that millennials have two eyes and two legs. I have been a peddler of one thing or another since I was 17 (1966). Dress clothing, mountaineering gear and outerwear, and, Lord knows, real estate and mortgages. (Also -- please don’t tell the children -- for five years in the '80s I sold early synthetic derivatives of mortgaged-backed securities.) Every day I make loans to people of all ages and types. A lot of Inman’s readership are real estate sale...