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RESO’s web API will make your life easier — here’s how

With an application programming interface, data only needs to be accessed when it's used
  • The RESO Data Dictionary is only 90-percent adopted across MLSs for the current version, and MLSs need to continue to stay adopted by implementing updates.
  • The RESO web API is a revolutionary next step that reduces redundancy and replication of MLS data.
  • The future will be two-way API support to allow MLSs to share data and for brokers to load data from any RESO API-supporting update product without manual input directly into the MLS.

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WAV Group founding partner Victor Lund is a consultant member of RESO, and WAV Group Communications is RESO's PR agency of record. Our industry is in the dawn of a new day. With some measure of struggle, the nations’ MLSs and their vendors have endeavored to adopt a set of standardized fields for data transportation from the MLS system to applications that support the real estate industry. I consider this the dawn of the effort because, for the very first time, MLS adoption of the real estate standards are more strictly mandated by the National Association of Realtors' (NAR's) MLS Policy. RESO blossoming For years, NAR supported and funded the Real Estate Standards Organization, which is referred to by its acronym, RESO. Despite being a free-standing not-for-profit organization with an independent board of directors, the bulk of the funding for this standards organization came from NAR and was supplemented by MLS vendors and a few others. Today, RESO has blossome...