Why you shouldn’t air your political beliefs in real estate

Inman readers weighed in on whether it's better to shout out loud or keep mum
  • Sixty-six percent of Inman survey takers said they have never shared their political opinions on social media, and 49 percent said they would not disclose their voting choices.

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We've made it: The 2016 election cycle is coming to a close, after nearly 600 days of campaign commercials, press conferences, rallies, debates and controversies that have revealed the yet-to-be-solved chasm between people of different cultural, economic, racial and religious backgrounds. Throughout the past two years, Americans have taken to social media to fully exercise their First Amendment rights and share their political opinions, frustrations and fears. But where should people draw the line? Is it appropriate for professionals who serve a wide range of peopleĀ -- such as real estate agents and brokersĀ -- to share opinions that could offend current and potential clients? More than 800 Inman readers chimed in on a recent poll and gave a resounding "no," with more than 66 percent of readers saying they don't post their political opinions on a blog or social media page. Coming in a distant second place, 25 percent of readers said they occasionally share their opinions, an...