5 reasons it’s time to exit the National Association of Realtors

E.J. Footer shares his experience shedding the Realtor name
  • The tangible benefits of being a Realtor have faded over time.
  • The general public continues to think that all real estate agents and brokers are Realtors.
  • The younger demographic of agents and brokers do not see the value -- or need -- to join their local NAR boards.

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Recently, the managing broker at my employing agency made the decision not to join the local Realtor association board. When this happened, my Realtor status changed from member to non-member quicker than you can recite the date of your next closing. I had been a Realtor since first getting licensed a few years ago and had mixed feelings (and unanswered questions) after involuntarily losing my ability to continue as a member of my local association board. Would I be able to finish an online National Association of Realtors (NAR) certification class that I had started, but not finished? Would my peers (or worse yet) my clients, look down their noses at me? Would I be able to remain a Realtor without having to change agencies? I soon discovered that the answer to all of the above was “no,” which made the parting of ways, even if not my decision, a blessing in disguise. In hindsight, I realized I had slowly transitioned from being mildly disgruntled about what NAR was -...