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NAR: Should real estate be reorganized?

A panel discussion at ICSF dug into the value of the name Realtor and more
  • Panelists discussed Realtor membership, the Realtor brand and "raising the bar" in the industry.

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SAN FRANCISCO -- With nearly 1,300 Realtor associations and more than 700 MLSs, much of the U.S. real estate industry is organized under the National Association of Realtors umbrella. Is it time to rethink the model? Panelists debated that question at the "NAR: Should Real Estate be Reorganized?" session at Inman Connect last Thursday. What's good about the current model... Though she would make NAR more "nimble" in adapting to new ideas and new technology if she could, "I believe the model is still relevant. I don't think we need to start fresh," Jennifer Branchini, a manager at Better Homes and Gardens Tri-Valley Realty, told conference attendees. "I'm a Realtor and have been for a long time. I find it to have been very beneficial." Saul Klein, a partner at InternetCrusade and a former association president, agreed, though he acknowledged the organization may need some "tweaks" and "changes." ...And what isn't working But Russ Cofano, recently hired as chief strategy...