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Industry experts forecast economy and housing market under Trump

It's been a wild ride -- with more uncertainty ahead

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What happens when the leader of the free world is a property industry tycoon for the first time in history? While the financial market volatility in the immediate aftermath of Trump's victory is being chalked up to some Brexit-like jitters, the President Elect's lack of political history and policy plans leave much room for speculation. The many moving parts of the U.S. housing market -- mortgage rates, buyer and seller sentiment, home building and more -- influence the strategies agents and brokers will deliver to clients on a grassroots level. Here's what industry experts had to say about the future now that it's officially decided: One of real estate's very own will soon occupy the prime location of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Misty crystal balls Those scanning America's economic horizons are seeing a lot of fog. As they flash their headlights for clues of what the future holds, the one thing that appears to be clear is that nothing's quite clear yet. Selma Hepp, chief e...