Real estate brokers around globe brace for fleeing American voters

A whistle-stop tour to see who is expecting a U.S. homebuyer knocking on their door
  • Agents in America-friendly countries have been expecting a flurry of buying activity after the U.S. election from disappointed Americans on both sides.
  • The Costa Rica market is particularly prepared for a busy period.
  • Canada is taking warnings of an influx of Americans in its housing markets with a pinch of salt, with little sign of it happening yet despite a online interest earlier in the year.

Did your clients on both sides of the political spectrum admit to browsing houses online in Costa Rica, dreaming of castles in Ireland or eyeing second homes in Vancouver as the election neared? It may have just been talk, but international markets are bracing themselves for real deals happening from today as some Americans show their displeasure at the new person headed for the White House.