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Narongsak Nagadhana /

Narongsak Nagadhana /

10. What does real estate disruption look like? Heard of Purplebricks?

wavebreakmedia /

wavebreakmedia /

9. Sometimes the psychic doesn’t like you. Sometimes you dared to get married instead of go to a listing appointment. It’s their loss.

A global network

sdecoret /

8. Real estate referrals are still a huge part of the business; here’s why.

One side of a chess board

Cheberkus /

7. Who’s invested in real estate startup Opendoor? Here’s a list.

Electric plant near a highway

fuyu liu /

6. You’ve been hearing about blockchain for years, but here’s how it could change your world in 2017.

A close-up of a fortune cookie

Marie C Fields /

5. All told, we ran 23 stories about what the future has in store for real estate …

A female fortune teller with Tarot cards

vetre /

4. …Including predictions from real estate consultant Rob Hahn. Here’s what he sees ahead.

A hand penning New Year's resolutions

Oleksandra Naumenko /

3. We collected the best resolutions for agents to make in 2017 — in case you need some more.

A man on Facebook in a shared office space /

2. Can brokerages replace a brick-and-mortar office with Facebook?


1. Our list of real estate influencers is live!

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