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7 things to know from Ben Carson’s HUD confirmation hearing

The president-elect's nominee drummed up increased real estate industry support

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The Senate Banking committee had a hot seat reserved for Donald Trump's Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) secretary nominee, Ben Carson, at this week's confirmation hearing. Trump alerted the Twitterverse in late November that he was "seriously considering" the retired neurosurgeon for the position of HUD secretary. The news became official in the world of American politics with Carson's nomination in early December. After vetting and disclosure, nominees are sent to the committee for investigation and questioning. And at the hearing, Carson pivoted from some his past comments on the perils of federal assistance and expressed support for HUD's core responsibilities and homeownership-driven programs, which appears to have drummed up increased real estate industry support. The nuances of how Carson would uphold HUD's public housing assistance programs while still prioritizing budget cuts remain fairly ambiguous, with the general idea of relying on more private ...