‘Alexa, how much is my house worth?’ Redefy has an Echo app

The company has built client and lead functionality into the voice app

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Amazon's Echo smart home product -- which uses a voice assistant known as "Alexa" -- can stream music, call you an Uber, set a timer and give you the news. Now, if you enable a "skill" from a certain real estate company, Alexa can also tell you how much your house (or someone else's) is worth. "We're a small company, but we still have in-house development, and this just came up as something that would be a fun project," explained Chris Rediger, the co-founder and president of Redefy Real Estate, a Denver-based brokerage that built the voice functionality. He demonstrated the app at Hacker Connect, part of Inman Connect New York, this year. Insights gained After realizing that nobody else in real estate had jumped on the Echo train yet, Rediger said that he and his staff dug into what was involved, and they were blessed with some insights as a result. "If this product never takes off, no big deal -- but on Google and on Amazon, you reserve 'invitation phrases' like you res...