Technology fuses mobile app with Apple’s iMessage

'Let’s go see it!': Users can add reaction tags to listings inside text messages
  • has leveraged the new app ecosystem of Apple's latest operating system.
  • The listing portal stitched a search experience into iMessage, Apple's messaging system, so users can discover, view and react to listings.

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"Love it!,” “Let’s go see it!,” “What do you think?" Now you can slap reactions like these onto listings in some text-message conversations. The listing portal has added new integration to its Apple search app that lets users discover, share and comment on listings from within iMessage, the inter-iPhone and iPad messaging system. The idea is to stitch both basic search functionality and novel features into a messaging platform that many consumers frequently use to communicate with each other. "It's creating an easier and better way for people to share," said Gillian Roberts, a spokeswoman for operator Move. "This is a way for people to collaborate over listings." The integration is only available for devices running on iOS 10, the latest version of Apple's operating system. IOS 10 turned iMessage into an app ecosystem, allowing apps to project experiences into the messaging platform -- much like Facebook's ...