Voice-driven real estate app for Amazon Echo now talks to 3 markets

Brokers can use the Voiceter Pro app to manage leads they receive
  • A voice-activated app for real estate has been launched in three new local markets.
  • Bots may help make lead generation more affordable, though real estate agents remain hesitant toward the value of bot-driven automations.

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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. Bots are becoming quite the industry talking point. Especially those that work through Echo, Amazon's voice-activated smart home appliance. A few weeks ago I reported on a real estate search app built for the device by a father and son team from Albany, New York. Simply called "Real Estate," the app was early in development but functional. Miguel Berger, the app's developer and vice president of Better Homes and Gardens Tech Valley, announced that he and his son have launched the bot in three new markets: Staten Island, New York; Winchester, Massachusetts (a Boston suburb); and Brighton, Michigan. They've also completely revamped their website, Voiceter Pro. New markets The current plan was for brokers to buy market-exclusive rights to the app. Brokers can then disperse leads as they see fit. Over on the East Coast, Cangiano Estates will now rec...