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HUD Secretary Ben Carson addresses staff for first time

Carson plans to start with a 'listening tour' to hear from citizens across the country
  • HUD Secretary Ben Carson addressed his staff for the first time since being confirmed on March 2.
  • Carson's address was heavy on the anecdotes, but his themes of American exceptionalism and the bootstraps mentality of Americans provided clues on how he'll run HUD.
  • Carson didn't provide any specific plans except for the fact that he'll be starting his tenure as HUD Secretary with a listening tour.

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Newly minted Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Ben Carson, who was confirmed March 2, addressed HUD staff for the first time today. During the hour-long address, Carson talked about his how his experience as a famed neurosurgeon prepared him for his new role, the struggle of growing up in a low-income household, and his thoughts on "American exceptionalism." "This is America, we're not like everyone else," Carson said. "We don't have to be like everybody else. They should want to be like us." Carson spent the majority of the address giving anecdotes about the "bootstraps" mentality of Americans and offered his philosophies about success and morality, but offered no specific plans for the future of fair housing, budget cuts or the status of the mortgage insurance premium reduction. HUD halted the reduction "indefinitely" an hour after President Trump was sworn in, a decision that the National Association of Realtors expressed disappointmen...