The company, which provides cash backing to homebuyers, will now operate in both Oregon and Washington, bringing the total number of states in which Homeward operates to 7
by Jim Dalrymple II Jun 28
At the year's outset, housing experts wondered when the market's rapid price growth might begin to slow. New data from S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Home Price Index provides fresh clues
by Daniel Houston Jun 28
Prosecutors suggested the attack may have been racially motivated claiming Ward, who is white, yelled racial slurs at Arnold Jackson, a Black man, as he beat him so severely
by Lillian Dickerson Jun 28
Emiliano Delucia and Abby Powell will help lead the startup less than a year after it achieved unicorn status. The company said it employs 584 people
by Jim Dalrymple II Jun 27
The innovative sales and marketing technology platform has rolled out a recruiting product as part of its recent evolution as large-scale enterprise player
by Craig C. Rowe Jun 27
Mortgage payments are as high as it's been in recent memory. But a sudden slowdown in growth may spell a turning point for the market
by Daniel Houston Jun 24
Fresh off a $5M seed round in April, the Altman Brothers-endorsed startup is banking on the idea that the industry will see its bidding process as a more direct marketing expense
by Craig C. Rowe Jun 23
Using fancy computer techniques, researchers analyzed more than 14,000 photos of homes for sale. From bedrooms to decks, here are the most popular features
by Daniel Houston Jun 22
'I’m particularly excited to partner with REACH to help their portfolio companies solve the exact problem that eWebinar was created to solve,' said eWebinar cofounder, former Spacio CEO, Kwan
by Craig C. Rowe Jun 22
Fewer members of Generation Z said they were 'handy' than older groups did in a recent poll, with Generation X tallying the highest scores in a survey of 1,049 people conducted by CraftJack
by Daniel Houston Jun 22
An increasingly unaffordable home market is affecting homebuyer decisions and altering forecasts for price growth in the months to come, according to a new forecast by Zillow
by Daniel Houston Jun 21
The company offers a wide array of free reports, data and bonafide research on every way the outside world can impact a relocation decision. It can also benefit agents looking to help clients
by Craig C. Rowe Jun 17
The slowing demand for homes is affecting the balance of power between buyers and sellers, according to 2 new reports from Redfin
by Daniel Houston Jun 17
Nearly 90% of Americans know how many children Kim Kardashian has, but fewer than 33% know how to get pre-approved for a mortgage, according to a new survey from Zillow
by Marian McPherson Jun 17
Clever's 'American Attitudes on iBuyer Companies' survey of 994 people reveals numerous facts about consumers and iBuyers, including the lengths they'd go to avoid a more traditional sale
by Craig C. Rowe Jun 16
The virtual brokerage is bringing on Shoeb Ansari to serve as chief information officer, as well as former Remine CEO Leo Pareja to oversee affiliated services
by Jim Dalrymple II Jun 16