When friends play hide-and-seek with your real estate business

Agents should think twice before venting in front of potential clients, even if they are their besties
  • If you ever want friends and family to make you their one and only go-to on all things real estate, you shouldn't vent to them about business frustrations.

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Picture it, Sicily 19 ... oops! The suburbs, 2017. A bride-to-be is frantically searching for a wedding cake baker. She hears one vendor complain about his job orders (e.g., "they can't make up their minds;" "they want too much;" "I'm driving all over trying to find the ingredients"). The first vendor unashamedly and openly vents his frustrations about his customers. She hears a second vendor speak highly of his business with an eagerness to contribute to such special days. She also hears the reciprocal praise being offered by his customers about the second vendor. Who would you choose for such a special occasion? I doubt many of us would select the first vendor. But let me throw a "monkey wrench" into this: What if the first vendor was a friend of yours? Now, who would you choose? Common denominator: Money and dreams Weddings can be an expensive social event of the season for our friends and family, so many of you would find a way, come hell or high water, to work wit...