When indoor meets outdoor: Making blended living spaces an upsell

Fusing the inside and outside of a home can be a beautiful way to add value, but here's what you should know

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Inside or outside? Why choose when you can have them both? Blended living spaces, or connecting indoor and outdoor spaces, are trending, according to HomeAdvisor. Think fusing together a kitchen and a backyard patio with large glass sliding doors or roof extensions, or using sturdy-yet-stylish design pieces to bring life to an otherwise unused outdoor space. According to HomeAdvisor, the cost of a blended living space varies greatly from a few hundred dollars for an outdoor swing bench, $8,500 for an outdoor kitchen to $20,000 for an extended roof. Photo courtesy of Andersen. "Agents can help buyers to get over the sticker-shock by pointing out the potential to utilize the backyard as a living space," Hunter said. "This could make a 2,000-square-foot home live a bit like a 2,200 square-foot-home. That’s a 10-percent reduction in the price-per-square-foot value ratio." Jon Phelps of Andersen Windows also says that agents can use the concept of blended living space to "...