Agents: Stop asking for technology help on social media

  • If something breaks and it cannot be repaired, I won’t mention it on Facebook. There's no technology standard across the real estate space, and not every solution works everywhere.
  • I have seen big, ugly problems that can bring a business to its knees -- and most are created by people using systems they don’t understand that are cheap or free.
  • When I can't find an answer to my problem on Google, I have paid and I will pay for technical support.

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I can totally understand why someone would want to see what a peer in the industry thinks about an idea, a challenge selling a house or even a company logo -- but should a real estate professional be relying on peers for technical support through Facebook groups? We use a lot of technology in the real estate industry. Much of it is the same technology other businesses use, like the internet, email, text messages, tablets and smartphones. As self-employed mobile professionals, our ability to make money is impacted by the technology we use. If an app we need in the field runs too slow, then we run too slow. There are plenty of people in the industry who are happy to give technical advice. They are sure they know how to fix things, but they really don’t. Taking their advice will delete a database or render an app useless. If something breaks and it cannot be repaired, I won’t mention it on Facebook. I’ll get a bunch of comments that start with “did you” or “you sho...