How Bamboo Realty makes branded hats that people actually want to wear

  • By removing "Realty" from the company name and customizing colors and styles, this brokerage creates hats that employees and consumers alike want to wear.
  • Fans even request hats in specific colors.

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

The Bamboo Realty hat phenomenon began with a hackathon a couple of years ago, remembers the company's vice president, Zach Schabot. "We had four different hat styles made," he explained, and after all of Bamboo's agents flew into Houston for the 24-hour event, each agent got a hat at the hackathon. "People absolutely loved them. And we were like, 'Huh -- maybe this is something we do in the future.'" A handful of days later, Brian Jones (one of Bamboo's founders) "was wearing his hat at their pool in the apartment complex," Schabot said, "and someone at the pool was like, 'Oh, you work for Bamboo?'" That someone had used a Bamboo agent to secure his current place, and he loved the hat Jones was sporting. So naturally, "Brian went to get him a hat." The hackathon hit has unfolded into a trend encompassing dozens of hat styles, which consumers and employees alike sport proudly. (Bamboo has brokerage outposts in Dallas, Denver, Houston and Raleigh, North Carolina.) P...