Your like don’t cost a thing: 6 ways to boost organic traffic

  • A strong online presence includes a fast website, good search rankings, targeted content and high-quality backlinks.

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

Every real estate professional wants more organic traffic to his or her website. Why? First, it does not cost any money; however, don’t be fooled, it does cost time. But the time investment upfront appreciates in value and drives more value over time, which is again why lots of organic traffic is the holy grail. Second, the visitors from organic traffic are people who are genuinely interested in your real estate services. Here is how an organic visitor lands on your website: Direct: The user hears about your website (maybe from you). They hear what content and/or what features are on it. They want to believe their problem can be solved, so they take action and go! Search engine: They user types in a keyword on Google, your website shows up as an option, and they click on it. Social media: There is a post made on a social media site (maybe by you) with a link to your website, and the user clicks on it. In all situations, these users are visiting your website wit...