7 tips for mastering the skill of spending money in real estate

  • Audit your spending and be conservative in your financial planning to prevent unexpected losses.

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

When you master the skill of spending money, it’s so much fun. And making money on your purchases -- well, that puts you on the break-out-the-champagne level. Not to mention, you will create the business and lifestyle of your dreams. If you’re a veteran who’s failing to increase revenue and profit at the pace you'd like, it's time to audit yourself, be objective and open-minded, and think about taking these best practices to heart, and eventually, to the bank! When it comes to managing a business and increasing revenue and profit, my track record is four for four companies. Here are my philosophies and best practices for budgeting, forecasting and decision making: Audit your time, know your capacity, and look for efficiencies Here is what you need to know: Which activities in your life are a need to do vs. a nice to do How much time you spend on every need-to-do activity in your life How much time you have to spend prospecting, marketing and serving ...