Why real estate needs to stop whining about technology disruption

  • Agents should focus on building and communicating value rather than invalidating the competition.

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Real estate agents all around the world sound more like Chicken Little than professionals and business people. So much fear. So much worry. So much playing defense. Many agents are complaining and whining about new “disruptive” technology and services that are coming to the market -- at the height of the market. In my market, Salt Lake City, it's such a crazy hot seller's market that for sale by owner (FSBO) sellers are “having success," at least in their eyes. If you can fog a mirror, you can get your home under contract in a few days. It’s just that type of market. When sellers can list their home FSBO, or with some fancy new “FSBO assistance” startup, and they sell it within a few days for what they think their home is worth, it gives the illusion that these startups are gaining ground. It gives the illusion to both FSBO sellers and Realtors that it’s just a matter of weeks before all of us agents will be out of business. Listening to some of you, ...