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Real estate agents all around the world sound more like Chicken Little than professionals and business people. So much fear. So much worry. So much playing defense.

Apr 21

While you and most other real estate agents dismiss, ignore and talk down about Snapchat, the social network keeps growing and its advertising options keep improving.

Oct 10

Over the past six to eight months or so, I’m sure you’ve noticed a huge jump in the popularity of Snapchat for real estate agents. But perhaps you feel like Jan Brady — tired of hearing all about Marsha, Marsha, Marsha. You may be sick of hearing about Snapchat. I totally get it. Heck, I’m guilty of it. Apparently, I won’t shut up about Snapchat.

Sep 6

Imagine only having 40 followers on your favorite social network. You feel discouraged when you see that other agents have hundreds or thousands of followers. But here’s the deal: What if 37 of your 40 followers engaged in conversation with you on a regular basis? That’s exactly the kind of engagement you can find on Snapchat right now.

Jan 25