PNC Bank debuts latest budget-based property search tool

  • PNC Bank's Insight Planner is part of a larger trend toward total cost-of-homeownership property search.

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Homeownership is a lot more expensive than just your monthly mortgage principal and interest payments, what with property taxes, homeowner's association (HOA) dues and other costs. Some new search tools are built with this in mind, prompting users to browse listings based on monthly housing budget, rather than list price. PNC Bank's Insight Planner marks the latest tool to fit this mold. It debuted only a week after the launch of another site that could popularize budget-based search, Zillow Group's Before homebuyers can begin browsing listings with Insight Planner, they must "build a budget" by entering their household income, number of household members, debt, monthly living expenses and income and payroll taxes, among other variables. Listing search results represent properties in relation to a user's housing budget. For example, for a buyer with a housing budget of $2,000, the listing result for a home with a monthly cost of $3,000 woul...