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What real estate agents and brokers should be doing about WannaCry

  • WannaCry (also known by other names) is a piece of ransomware that exploited an operating system vulnerability to lock up files and hold them hostage.
  • Real estate agents and brokers should business-grade equipment, update their software, back up their data and work with partners who take security seriously.

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Are you running any business software or storing data on a computer that's using a Windows operating system? Then you'll want to read up on the latest cybersecurity attack and make sure you're taking steps to protect yourself (and your real estate clients) from hackers. Last week, a ransomware attack began infiltrating computers all over the globe; by the end of the day Friday, an estimated 57,000 devices in more than 150 countries were affected, and that's spread to more than 200,000 devices by this morning. Widely known as WannaCry, the ransomware (Wanna Decryptor, also known as WannaCrypt and WanaCrypt0r) does basically exactly what the name indicates: It holds all the files on your computer for ransom until you pay up. WannaCry cast a wide net for targets, including: FedEx, the shipping giant Deutsche Bahn, the German rail network Telefonica, a Spanish telecommunications operator Russia's interior ministry The National Health Service in Britain It's ...