How to win business by fighting homeowners’ property taxes

Chandler Crouch has become a hero for helping nearly 1,000 Texans save on property taxes
  • A Texas Realtor has found a way to help homeowners challenge property taxes on a mass scale.

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Want to make make friends and win new business? Help people save money on taxes. Realtor Chandler Crouch has become something of a local hero for helping legions of Texans cut their property taxes in the last month. Real estate agents have long helped homeowners challenge property taxes. But Crouch, who owns Fort Worth, Texas-based Chandler Crouch Realtors, has found a way to do this on a massive scale, saving close to 1,000 local homeowners hundreds of thousands of dollars and turning a few into clients. $500 in tax savings: Like saving $5,000? Agents can use Crouch’s techniques or new technology, such as TurboAppeal, to burnish their brand and drum up new business. “Man, I wish I could show you how bonkers these people go when we save them money,” Crouch said. “For some reason, when they save $500 in tax money, it’s like saving $5,000. They just go nuts.” Boasting what he says is an almost-perfect success rate, Crouch says he’s helped trim property asses...