4 ways to make every real estate transaction more human

Big plans for business in 2018?
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A few weeks ago, a fellow Contactually user published an article on Quartz about how to be "insanely well-connected." He’s not a real estate agent nor does he have any relationship to the real estate profession, but Chris Fralic gets it. A successful venture capitalist, he understands how people should be interacting and building up their business relationships -- and why it’s so important. This set of skills that could make or break your career is not something that real estate agents (or the profession as a whole) embody or embrace. And why is that? Relationships are the lifeblood of our business, and strengthening those relationships should be at the top of every agents’ priority list. But it’s not always something that proves its return on investment immediately; rather, it’s a slow burn that requires some upfront setup with a big payoff, albeit delayed. According to the latest statistics from NAR, “Sixty-four percent of sellers found their agent throu...