Why Pacific Union cut deep ties with Christie's International Real Estate

Seven U.S. real estate firms have left CIRE in the past year but CEO says 'state of the union is strong'
  • In place of its deal with CIRE, Pacific Union is deploying a targeted digital advertising campaign in key international markets.
  • Christie's International Real Estate said its number of affiliates had risen from 132 to 140 since 2014 and outlined its strategy for affiliates going forward.

According to Mark McLaughlin, CEO of the San Francisco indie brokerage heavyweight, one of the reasons Pacific Union began to re-examine the affiliation was CIRE’s request in 2015 for increased fees. McLaughlin felt he could do other things with the money, including investing in the company’s own global marketing campaigns. In the past year, seven U.S. real estate firms have left CIRE, but the company’s total number of affiliates has risen from 132 to 140 across 46 countries since the beginning of 2014.