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5 factors putting downward pressure on homeownership

A new study reveals the causes of this lull
  • Post-foreclosure stress disorder, mortgage availability, the growing burden of student loan debt, single-family housing affordability and single-family housing supply shortages are the five key barriers to homeownership.

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Despite robust job growth and low interest rates, U.S. homeownership rates remain at a 50-year low due to issues with affordability, crushing student loan debt, harsh credit conditions and tight inventory supply. This is the focus of Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics' and Berkeley Haas School of Business' new study, "Hurdles to Homeownership: Understanding the Barriers," which was released during U.C. Berkeley's Sustainable Homeownership Conference in recognition of the National Association of Realtors' National Homeownership Month. “The decline and stagnation in the homeownership rate is a trend that’s pointing in the wrong direction and must be reversed given the many benefits of homeownership to individuals, communities and the nation’s economy,” said NAR 2017 President William E. Brown in a statement. Brown, NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun and Berkeley Hass Real Estate Group Chair Ken Rosen were among a number of experts who headed the conference a...