Quicken Loans’ In-House Realty wading further into real estate

New platform from country's biggest online lender will marry agents, mortgages and homebuyers

The country’s second largest retail mortgage lender, Quicken Loans, has long worked in concert with a giant referral network of real estate agents owned by Quicken's parent company. Now the referral network, known as In-House Realty, is wading further into real estate, having recently acquired new technology from well-funded real estate startup OpenHouse. What does the company have planned for the industry? It's been mostly tight-lipped on the subject, but In-House Realty sees "unlimited possibilities" and has its eye on building an end-to-end homebuying experience, said In-House Realty CEO Doug Seabolt. Quicken Loans' mastery of online lending and In-House Realty's acquisition of property and agent-search technology could allow Quicken to become a big online real estate player almost overnight. In-House Realty's work on a new real estate platform comes two years after Quicken Loans debuted Rocket Mortgage, which the company bills as "the first end-to-end complete...