How to write a buyer offer letter that will close the deal

Buyers shouldn't just be writing about themselves -- they should be honoring their audience
  • Encourage buyers to honor their audience before telling their story. This will enhance the emotional connection and possibly win the bid.

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The real estate market is getting very competitive on the seller front, with multiple offers on the table, tight deadlines and overwhelming pressure to decide between lower offers, higher offers, quick closes or contingent delays. Many times, the deciding factor is a letter. Buyers write to sellers explaining why they are the best people for the home. Buyer's agents attempt to win the sellers over so their buyer's offer will be accepted over every other offer. Recently, I came upon a sort of rant on LinkedIn written by Erin Donley, a ghostwritter and contributor with The Huffington Post. Donley recently sold her home in a competitive market and was eager to read the letters written by buyers expressing why they should be chosen over other buyers. To Donley's surprise, the letters were all about the buyers themselves -- the number of children they have, the reason they only qualify for that particular amount, their medical conditions and the list goes on and on. Honor yo...