How to travel ‘The Road to Recognition’ in real estate

A step-by-step process for creating and marketing an effective brand and using it to convert leads
  • Seth Price and Barry Feldman in their new book, "The Road to Recognition," show you how to create and market your effective brand.

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There are thousands of ways that you can become recognized in your market, whether it’s old standbys such as door-knocking or sending mailers to a geographical farm, becoming the Snapchat celebrity for your local area or the one thing that never goes out of style -- being of service to your community. No matter how you choose to market your services, your branding is the cornerstone of your success. Seth Price and Barry Feldman in their new book, The Road to Recognition, lay out a step-by-step process that shows you how to create an effective brand, market that brand and use it to convert leads, as well as to retain both present and past clients. You have a brand -- do you know what it is? The first step in creating an effective brand is to realize that you already have a brand. To understand what that brand is, listen to what others say about you. Here are some questions to consider: When you Google yourself, what do you see? What do your online reviews say? Is yo...