Becoming the real estate referral matchmaker in your area: A guide

If you've been considering moving to a referral-based business, here's a primer on how one agent did it
  • Building a business exclusively around real estate referrals is possible if you focus on marketing and connecting.
  • Marguerite Giguere created a website celebrating her city, a podcast interviewing local celebrities and tackling local issues, and is establishing herself as Tacoma's real estate "matchmaker."
  • By understanding the agents' skills and bandwidth -- and the client's expectations -- Giguere can connect the right agent to the right client and reap the referral reward.

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DENVER --"I don't talk about real estate very much at all, but I do generate a lot of business from the internet," Marguerite Giguere said today at the Real Estate Webmasters Summit. How? The Windermere agent and active blogger and podcaster discussed how she uses her website to both educate visitors and generate business. "We need to reinvent the wheel," she urged. "You need a different wheel for your motorcycle than for your Ferrari and than you need for your wagon." Giguere's business model is currently focused more on referring clients to the right agent instead of helping them out herself -- but that's the point. She's used her marketing campaigns to generate enough referrals that she can focus on the marketing more than sales. Starting out "In the beginning I was a normal agent, mostly getting my clients through sphere and postcards," she explained. Then after discovering in the mid-2000s that real estate agents were finding clients through blogging, she decided to ...