Discussing personal topics with clients: How far should you go?

Agents should be prepared for the occasional uncomfortable conversation
  • Use the FORD -- Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams -- method to build rapport and learn about your clients.
  • As an agent, only let people know as much about your politics and beliefs as you are comfortable with.

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Working with buyers is a very intimate experience. When thinking about and discussing “home” with buyers, we’re not just talking about the real estate or business transaction, we’re also diving into the emotional impact.  The emotional component is further complicated when buyers are a couple and may have different expectations or histories with the notion of “home.” For example, is it more important for your clients to entertain big groups of people or to be comfortable at home with family? Does the family hang out in their bedrooms, in the kitchen or in the family room? Who’s going to be visiting them?  Where do they watch TV? What was their home like growing up? Baths or showers? Let's talk about why finding these answers is crucial, how personal an agent should get, whether to discuss the big issues and what to do when you're caught in an uncomfortable conversation. The questions every real estate agent should ask As you can imagine, a good agent i...