Joan's Stories


A friend of mine sent me an article about robots replacing real estate agents. The article described an Alexa-type object that answered questions about a property at an open house. Cute. A bit of a gimmick that might distract from the home, but cute nonetheless.

Aug 4

Working with buyers is a very intimate experience. When thinking about and discussing “home” with buyers, we’re not just discussing the real estate or business transaction, we’re also discussing the emotional impact. 

Jul 11

Consider the many advantages of representing buyers, sellers and renters. It can increase your referral network, give credence to your industry expertise and offer industry insights you might not otherwise know.

May 25

Hitting 70 degrees in February was not only a pleasant surprise but also a pleasant reminder: this is the time of the year when you want to think about listing properties with outdoor spaces.

Mar 22

First-time homebuyers often look for easy ways to alleviate the sticker shock of buying an apartment or townhouse, especially in New York City.

Feb 21

Last Thursday’s snowstorm was a day spent at home for many. For real estate agents, however, the call of whether to leave their houses or not came from clients. If a client wanted to see an apartment that day, we grabbed our snow boots.

Feb 20