Video listings: Why every real estate agent should be doing them

Increase a property's emotional appeal

Should you shoot a video for your listing? The answer is simple: yes, yes, yes! Peter Lormier of PLG Estates explains why every real estate agent should be doing video.

There’s a statistic going around that says that 90 percent of sellers want video listings and only 10 percent of agents actually do them.

So what are the benefits of doing a video?

People searching on their phones stop for well-done, professional photos. Those are the homes they set up showings for.

So when they have the opportunity to see the video with that initial photograph, it means they can emotionally connect with the house before they even go there.

However, don’t make the mistake of being overly syrupy and overly veneered with the elevator music in the background. It’s a turn-off. Use something more edgy, or don’t have music at all.

Shooting video means that you’re going to increase the viewership of the property, and more importantly, you’re going to increase the emotional attachment to that property.

A videographer is somewhere between $200-$400. So for less than $1,000, you could have professional photos and video for your listing. Every real estate agent should be doing this.