How real estate agents keep their cars looking sharp

An agent's ride takes a lot of abuse; here's how to keep the damage to a minimum
  • Investing in a truck or something more rugged that "looks good dirty" is a tactic employed by some agents.
  • Others use cargo area protection (liners, trash bags and other things) and detail and wash regularly.

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Real estate agents spend a lot of time moving from one place to another -- and in many locations, that means hours behind the wheel every week. The line between a couple snacks on-the-go and disaster area of a vehicle is very fine. So is the difference between used-but-clean and junker brimming with hazardous yard signs. So how do agents keep their whips looking sharp? Invest in more than one car "We have three cars," said Amy Baker, an agent in Charlotte, North Carolina, in a Facebook conversation. "My hubby's used-but-still-nice truck gets the majority of the abuse. My Acura SUV cleans up OK for driving around buyers but has tons of dirt and tears and dents here and there (I'm gonna drive it until it dies, which should be never), and then the 'fun car' is our Audi A5. "It's a nice mix," she added. "I just grab the keys to whichever one fits based on how my day looks." Pedro Silva in Lisbon, Portugal, also said that he uses two cars -- one for driving clients, "the other fo...