36 useful items for real estate agents to keep in the car trunk

  • A real estate agent's day can be full of unexpected (and sometimes messy) surprises. Be prepared to tackle any situation with the right tools.

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Between the listing appointments, buyer showings, open house events, home inspections and office meetings, real estate agents tend to spend a lot of hours in their vehicles. And when you're accustomed to all that windshield time, your car becomes a stash spot for important items -- things that help you do your job and essentials you simply can't live without. Last time, we named 11 tools you should keep in your trunk, but this time we're offering even more suggestions for how to stock your car wisely. (Maybe it's time to think about a bigger ride.) Tools 1. Flashlight You can't count on any listing to have enough light to see all the things you need to see -- especially if that listing is vacant or if there have been issues with upkeep. Bonus: A heavy-duty flashlight can also do double duty as a weapon. 2. Tape measure/laser measurement tool (or both) How many square feet is that room? How far away is that tree from the porch? You won't have to guess if you're p...