Pocket listing service aims to enhance agents’ value

Off-MLS database endorsed by 'Million Dollar Listing' stars

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One problem with pocket listings -- for-sale properties held off the multiple listing service (MLS) -- is their limited reach. Getting these homes on the radar of all agents who might have ready and willing buyers can be next to impossible. That's why Beverly Hills, California Realtor Christopher Dyson has launched (The Pocket Listing Service): to replace today's scattershot marketing of pocket listings with a central repository accessible to all real estate agents -- and no one else. The service is designed to enhance the value proposition of real estate agents by restoring their role as data gatekeepers to at least some degree, and by providing them with a way to test price points for homes before listing them on the MLS. Similar efforts have included offMLS, Zenlist and Prevali. "I was frustrated that I would get maybe 10, 15, 20 emails a day with agents already sharing information saying, 'You know I have this pocket listings,'" said Dyson, an agent at lu...